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Safari club International Official Measure

Bring your North American or African Trophy's to us for Official Scoring and go for the SCI International Record Book. If your Trophy make the minimum SCI score We will Fill out all the proper documents and send to SCI. 

Front Shoulder Mounts

Front shoulder mounts are the most common mount for your Trophy. We have a variety of poses and displays for you to choose from. 

Life Size and Half Body Mounts

Here at Javornick Taxidermy we offer Life size mounts to our customers. Life-size mounts are a great way to show the animal in its full trophy Form. There is nothing like it in the Hunting world to see you Trophy in it full  life-size form with a recreated habitat setting in you game room to show off its majestic beauty.

Skull Cleaning

Skull Cleaning is a nice way to add accent to your game room with a European mount. A perfectly cleaned skull is well preserved and has a fantastic bone white look. We can also Dip your skull in our two Color Zebra Pattern that really adds a twist to your skulls.

Fish Replicas

Preserve our Future in our fisheries by catch and release Practices. The large fish are Hard to come by and are commonly the best breeders for the species. Just take Your Measurements  Length and Girth with a photo if you can, and we can build you a Replica of you trophy that will last a lifetime and you and let that big one go and practice safe catch and Release.

Tanning and Rugging

We can soft tan your Trophy's Hide for a Nice throw rug. Half head open or closed mouth rugging is also available.

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