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Field care of your Trophy. Here is a great link from Mckenzie

Storing Your Trophy Before you take it to a taxidrmist

  Quick Cleaning and Freezing are Critical. If you are not able to freeze your hide within a day or so in cold weather, then salting the hide is a must. If the weather is warm (above 40 Degrees) then hide must be cooled quickly, fleshed, cleaned from all blood then heavily salted. Blood and warm weather will create bacteria and will cause the hair to slip. Salt draws the moisture out of hides and tightens up the hair follicles. This is particularly critical on the face, where hair is thin and any hair loss is particularly noticeable. Liberally salt the skin side of the hide, packing salt inside the ears, around the nose, on the split lips and on the fur side of the muzzle as well. You should use 15 to 20 pounds of salt on an average black bear hide and twice that on an average brown bear. Salt the feet and between the toes as well, and get salt down into the tail. Deer and most front shoulder mounts 10 Pound of salt should be enough. Never store or transport a UN frozen hide in a plastic bag, or wrapped in plastic.  Never soak in an ice water melted cooler. Instead, always store a hide in a burlap or game bag, in a cool, dry place out of the sun. Hanging the bag allows the hide to drain and dry. If you are Traveling from a long distance Always salt if you can’t Freeze. The best thing is to get the hide out of the field and into a freezer.  

Caring for a trophy and preserving its beauty

  Here are some ways to take care of your trophy. Keeping mounts in climate controlled areas, away from dampness, and out of direct sunlight. This will help the hide, the hair, and the coloring. Cool, dry places away from light are the best places for trophies. Dampness can lead to mold and mildew, while too hot, dry conditions can desiccate the hide and cause it to crack or split. Dust will discolor fur or hair, so frequent gentle dusting is good. Don’t physically touch more than absolutely necessary. Use a gentle hand duster that pulls dust away. While discoloration won’t actually damage the hair, it will make it look dirty, and it can be very difficult to remove. Trophy should be handled with care at all times from the field to the trophy room and beyond.  

Shipping Your Trophy

  If you are in the United States you can ship Your Frozen Hides and Antlers to Javornick Taxidermy. You can ship UPS and FedEx. Just roll you Hide or Cape Flesh side to Flesh side with the Head in the middle. Freeze it in a Double plastic Heavy trash Bag. Then ship it out on a Monday with 1to 3 day shipping.  If you are shipping From Africa or Overseas you must us a Freight Forwarder to accept and Clear Customs for your shipment. We recommend Wesco Freight forwarders. Contact them at or call 1-877-779-3726 or 1-516-872-5144. They will arrange everything you need to have your trophy’s shipped to us at Javornick Taxidermy. Black Bears from Canada can be Brought into the us by the Hunter with a simple customs form at the United States Boarder .   


  1. Question ? How long will it be before I get my Trophy back?      

Answer:  On most Front Shoulder North American Game it 6 to 8 months. African Game is 8 to 10 Months and most Life-size Big Game is 8 to 12 months.  Medium to small game is 6 to 8 months. Fish Replicas 4 to 6 months.

 2. Question? Can you build a custom habitat Base for My Trophy? 

Answer: Yes we can build a variety of custom bases to match you habitat wishes. For Big and small game the cost a custom Base habitat is an up-charge of 30% of the total cost. Non custom bases are included in the cost of the Life-size mounts. The 30%is only for custom design habitat bases. 

3. Question? Can I make payments on my Trophy?

Answer  All Trophies Require 50% deposit to start with No-Refund. The Balance is due within 30 days of the completion of the mount. Payments will be excepted if client wishes to make payments During the Mounting Process But still is responsible for balance due 30 days after Completion